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How to use Multi Instance of an application in 2018

You can run multi-instance of any application on your device

Most of the smartphone has dual sim, and most of the people also using two sims in one mobile, but most of the people don’t know how to use two accounts of same application like WhatsApp, facebook, facebook messenger etc.

If we use two WhatsApp accounts on two mobile, that is complicated for us to keep two mobile un-necessarily.

To resolve this problem, we can use multi-instance of any app with the help of 3rd party app i.e. Parallel Space.

Just follow below steps to use multi instances of any app:

  • First click here to download Parallel Space.
  • After installing Parallel Space, open it and click on “+” sign
  • You’ll see a grid list of application available on your device.
  • just choose which application you want to use, like, if you want to use WhatsApp, just click on its logo.
    That’s all.

Now you can use 1st WhatsApp account, and now also you can open 2nd WhatsApp account which is added in parallel space.

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